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A Poets' Christmas

Portsmouth's Pontine Theatre will be performing A Poets' Christmas on Thursday, December 2nd at 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall of Trinity Episcopal Church. A Poets' Christmas will feature storytelling, toy theatre, and holiday music. Pontine Theatre's Artistic Directors, Marguerite Mathews and Greg Gathers have created a special program featuring holiday themed works by three beloved poets. Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales will be brought to life with poetic movement, spirited characterizations, and charming bits of stage magic. A Child's Christmas in Wales is full of colorful aunts and uncles, playmates and adventures, all set in a snowy December long ago and far away.
The centerpiece of the program is a story poem by Ogden Nash, The Christmas That Almost Wasn't. Upon its publication in 1957, the plot of this delightful tale was amusingly summarized in a New York Times review: "Take a rollicking jolly king and his cheering subjects, add an evil nephew, bring it to a boil with other assorted hags and hoodlums, create an inextricable situation, send a boy to extricate, have him meet a bad, bad bird and good little girl and a long-dead saint".
A Poets' Christmas also includes a lively staging of Clement Moore's A Visit from St. Nicholas!
Don't miss this charming program!
For more information call the library at 542-7017.
This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Fiske Free Library.

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