Fiske Free Library

108 Broad Street
Claremont, New Hampshire



On a Quest: Around Your Yard or Around the World

The library will host a lecture/workshop on questing on Thursday, June 29th at 7pm in the Gilmore Room. Guest speaker for the program will be Steven Glazer, Valley Quest Coordinator at Vital Communities of White River Junction, Vermont. Questing is an activity that involves hiking and deciphering clues to find a hidden treasure chest containing a stamp, sign-in log, and information about natural or cultural "treasure" at the end of the quest. In this program, Glazer, who coordinates over 160 quests in the Upper Valley, will discuss the history of questing, what to expect on a quest, and where they are located. Participants will learn how to create a quest and, time permitting, will create a small quest. Space is limited so please make a reservation by stopping by the library or calling 542-7017.

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